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Agriculture in the Classroom Program



Summer 2017

Agriculture in the Classroom (AITC)
is a national program with activities in every state & territory across the country. The purpose of AITC is to inform students and teachers about how agriculture is a part of their daily lives. Students will better understand the role of agriculture by incorporating information about the food and fiber systems into daily classroom activities. Take the opportunity to help youth understand the importance of agriculture in their everyday lives. Few of us realize how food & fiber are produced.

Madison County C.A.R.E.E. has been providing agricultural and environmental education to over 25,000 students since 1996. C.A.R.E.E. is supported by several major organizations and agribusinesses. These supporters know the importance of agriculture and environmental education and want to see C.A.R.E.E. continue to grow. C.A.R.E.E. provides unique programs which assist you and your students in understanding the value of agriculture.

The core program of C.A.R.E.E. is the 4th grade comprehensive “Land of Illinois” program which includes four visits throughout the school year. Each lesson ends with a hands-on activity. Topics include Illinois agriculture, crops, livestock and technology. Each presentation lasts around 50 minutes and is aligned with Illinois State Learning Standards.
Agriculture in the Classroom